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What could have been!

The Toils of The Economist

Our Home!

Inspector Fuckup

GI Jesus

Two Goals: Irreconcilable

Christ Fantasy VI

Arms Race!

Adventure Time!

The Winds of Change!

Closed Captioned for the Deaf!!!!

Functional Programming!

This Union Cannot remain half Poke and half Mon!

Theory of Wages and Returns.

Armenia, City in the Sky

Mountain Goat

A Mountain Goat! Watch out for the Compassion!

In search of...The Mountain Goat!!!

The Truth is Shown! Glorious Emotion!!!

Immanentize the Eschaton!!!!

Duty calls...to my Inner Transcendental!!

Welcome to DEATHNET.

The Pink Thing

Fat Bot (Team F)

Freedom Approaches! Everyone Rejoice Reactively!

Freedom is not Freedom!

Battle for the Heart and Minds of a Nation! A last call before oblivion!

Distributive or Unitary--what's your druthers?

Boredom--the leading cause of cancer!!!

My destiny awaits me on level 36!!

Home economics--the Science of Peace!

The Rise and Fall of an Awkward Pun!

An algorithm gone awry! Can you feel the love tonight?!

child of the Pink Thing

Welchie, the second sentient jar of LionKing2 Themed Welch's Grape Jelly

Ultimate Ambition! Ultimate Despair! Ultimate Comic!

A valiant attempt! A noble rebirth!

What time is it? Payback time!

'tis the season...for UNORTHODOXY?!!!!

A new battle...A NEW FOE! Can we defeat Christmas?

The chains are broken! Meeting in the Arena of Christmas!

Banana Bruce (Banana-Bruise)

Professor Fish

Stop the hate!!

Cybernet Adventure!!

It's Vocational--and Intoxicational!

Adventure Capital

Quest for the Nature of Language

Djiboutan Power!

14 steps to personal change!

The Emperor of Djibouti

Inspector Fuckup's Airship

Look out for Team crime!

The warning.

Final Fantasy Club!

Lightbulbs of the Revolution!

Glorious Death Master!

a Launched Nuclear Missle

Centurion Clowno

Collaborative Clowno Software

Tomorrow: The Impossible Dream

Lord of the Dance!

Schooling the Clowno!

an Adventure in Thought awaits you!

Trauma, because it sux so much!

Back to the Medieval Future of the Cybernet!

Escape the Present!

Miraculous Melanoma! Go, Artemis, Go!

Artemis, the 12th century warrior-princess

A Punk Kid

Flattened, Discolored Economics!

Revolutionary Girl Pain-Spitting-Monster-of-Racism!

Message of Love!



Being John DeathMaster

The icy quest -- unceasing

Cryptic Caper---Crazy!!!


Sensuous Molotov Cocktail

Watercraft Sinking: SuperString!!!

Fraud Detected BEEP BEEP BEEP

Laundry Bandits


Bob Stubaggio

[encrypted cyberchannel]

New International Version (NIV)

Where is the Viceroy?

mirror display error

Graphics Scientist!

"era of color"

revolutionary new invention

The End of the Rights of Man

Bee-line of pain.

A chasing surprise for your foe

What rhymes with clean? Hygiene

Love is the answer

Overflown conquest

High energy construction

Windows of the Conscious

human society and culture

Genocide Cannon

Tensor Product

Universe of Friends

Search for Negative Natural Number

Civil Disobedience

Which way is the Orthodoxy? GI Jesus: wacky chump!

Click here for Microsoft Bob Source Code!

new levels of elegance in dining

Tensoro Producto is trapedo! Friendly!

two-players: defeat all fighters

double-blind experiment


Fatal exchange

double trouble

conclude my exchange!

Double Blind Experiment II


Blue Year Tire Consortium Blimp


100th comic spectacular


change your brand


subconscious agriculture

vortex of the mind


idle hands are the devil's plaything


news flash

universe of the undead

Amendment DCLXVI

i want

Armenia Shopping Center


shrunken Alice Adventure Arena

oops, no present!

telescreen worth watching

I. E. M.

new evilloo rising

fake police--u r arresting

scaled to justice

scaled to anti-justice


future-wars 3000

passing the torch

max angst!!!!!111

max angst!!!!!!22

new game 4 u--defeat teh checkpoint!

welcome 2 krazy kake allegories

problems with electronic rolodexes

corporate forces



you do not broke the fatbot menace

punk-as-missile hypothesis


NSANO teen force!!!

Necessary additives

I'm a thing!!!

Everyone Is Happy

I've got an idea!

love is a foreshadow!

we are ice skate-ing

satan is front

more important things to worry about


greatest red

dedicate 2 insane

Who is The Commander?

ineffective rotation

big new way


finally a plan comes together! oh no!



Visual Goop Network

deception level one

an abstraction for everything

informative news interruption

dangerous hypothetical

choose your diocese

a memorable immobile assualt

unexpected retreat?!!

welcome to metaburger

new campaign launch

new monthly treat: DENIED

thou shalt not covet

origins of hulkbot

residential command post

texas memories

robotic showmanship

civil rights competition

gentlemens club

what your car says about you

the company that which bring it 2 u

where is bob-o

postmodernism has too many words

quantum entanglement

regime change: a child's fondest wish

downsizing dead weight

dangerous schema

unauthorized redecorate

what do you have to be afraid of?

Poor safety choices


arms race one

atomic manliness

xml noir

dr. insano's pinball dance

usable slums

house of meaning

old man franklin

music is the weapon


restoring your free will

xfig has the best user interface that these authors have ever enjoyed

no place like armenia

baby dream

through the wall

flying computer
u and ur flying computer
Nicholas E. Applebaum Jr.
Nicholas E. Applebaum Jr.

welcome to service center

you cannot what says what comes after prelude

200th comicversary spectacular

This is end!